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Introducing "GAME DAY" – our unique blend of teaching soccer fundamentals and encouraging individual creativity.

Maximized Play Time: Full Participation, Non-stop Action

Game Day adds a special touch to our weekly sessions, transforming your soccer experience. It's your chance to play more, learn, and have fun! All without interruptions like subs or timeouts. Get ready to play more, learn more, and enjoy soccer like never before!

Personalized Coaching: Elevating Your Game

Our Triple Meg Soccer coaches are here to guide all players! They're on the field to offer tips, strategies, and insights, aiming to boost player's skills to new heights. With their help, participants will learn exciting moves, improve their decision-making, and grow into a confident soccer player!

Skill Development: Challenge, Connect, and Grow

Game Day is more than just soccer. It's an opportunity to tackle challenges, connect with other players, and see real improvement in their skills. Every Game Day offers a new chance to test limits, learn from every play, and strengthen team bonds.

The Triple Meg Way: Learn, Play, Express

Coaches Tips at Water Breaks

Our coaching moments are carefully chosen for before and after play, not during. Water breaks become our prime time for sharing concise, effective tips and strategies. This approach ensures players can immerse themselves fully in the game, experimenting and expressing themselves without the pressure of in-the-moment corrections.

Fundamentals and Creativity

Our approach emphasizes teaching fundamental soccer skills while also supporting each player's personal playing style. We aim to build a strong technical foundation and encourage self-expression on the field, ensuring players grow in both skill and confidence.

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