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Coach Steve

Coach Steve has competed at high levels for over 30 years and has trained in England, Korea, California, and the Maritimes. Coach Steve’s playing experience of post secondary in the ACAC, AMSL, Team Alberta, and current member of the Dino’s Alumni, along with over 10 years of coaching experience, has enabled us to design soccer and soccer related activities for all ages and abilities that facilitate learning soccer fundamentals in a fun and rewarding manner.

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Coach Jeff

Since joining our team in 2014, Coach Jeff has been a beacon of expertise and enthusiasm. His experience spans from Chile to Canada, enriching our team with diverse strategies and a deep love for the game. His contributions extend beyond the field, having collaborated with notable local clubs, including Barça Academy. Always eager to evolve, Coach Jeff immerses himself in studying tactics, motivational methods, and the psychological part of soccer. His passion for the game shows in his coaching style and he looking forward to sharing his passion for the sport with today's youth.

Girls Head Coach

Coach Jenn joined us in 2018. She played for 13 years in the Ontario Soccer Association and continued her playing career for a DII NCAA Women’s Team. After graduating university, Jenn moved home to Ontario and began her coaching at a local high school and college team and continued her journey in Calgary Minor Soccer. Coach Jenn is passionate for the game, and wants to share her knowledge and skills with future soccer players. 


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Coach Wes

Coach Wes is a lifelong soccer player who started on his coaching journey in Calgary Minor Soccer before further honing his skills at the Barça Academy. As a player and coach, he's won the Alberta Soccer Provincials title and proudly represented Canada at the North American Freestyle Soccer Championships. Coach Wes is recognized for his talent in balancing structured training with nurturing players' creativity, firmly believing that success on the field involves more than just drills and tactics; it's about unlocking each player's innate imagination


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