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AGES 3-5 



Kickstart Your Child's Soccer Journey!

Intro to our soccer program with Certified Coaches. Beyond soccer experience, our coaches are trained educators ensuring safety, attention, and growth for every player.

  • Triple Meg Soccer Jersey: Feel a part of our community right from the start.


What Will You Learn?

  •  Foundational Skills: Triple Meg ensures a great foundation, focusing on motor skills, foot-eye coordination, and core soccer techniques. 

  • Fun-Learning: With a mix of enjoyable games and drills, we make soccer a FUN journey for every child.

  • Team Spirit: Emphasizing teamwork, our program fosters friendships and instills the true essence of team spirit in children.

  • Building Confidence: Triple Meg empowers children to shine, nurturing confidence and a can-do spirit with every goal and pass.

My two children have been with Triple Meg for 3 years now. The kids have fun while learning. It is extremely well organized which I love.

Angie Mae

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