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Soccer, Fun and Friendship! A Welcoming Program for Girls to Learn and Grow!


We offer a high energy and engaging soccer program specifically designed for girls aged 5 to 10, focusing on fun, skill-building, and positive team experiences

GIRLS Soccer?

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 A supportive and welcoming environment where every girl can thrive and develop her soccer skills while building lasting friendships.

Our Coaches

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Our Triple Meg All-Girls Program features friendly and fun-loving coaches who bring excitement and encouragement to every session, making soccer a joy for every girl.


Join our vibrant All Girls Soccer Program, designed for girls ages 5-10 who love the game and aspire to improve their soccer skills. Our program focuses on more than just soccer; we aim to enhance fitness, foster teamwork, and build confidence in a supportive environment tailored to each age group.


AGES 5-6

Soccer Fundamentals

Embark on a soccer adventure where fun meets skill-building. Our youngest athletes learn the basics through interactive games and drills that emphasize ball control, agility, and teamwork.

AGES 7-8

Developing Skills and Strategies

As skills grow, so does the challenge. This program introduces strategic play and advanced techniques, ensuring each player can shine on the field and learn the importance of sportsmanship.

AGES 9-10

Mastering the Game

For our oldest group, the focus is on mastering the game. We delve deeper into technical skills, game strategy, and the passion for soccer, preparing our players for the next level of competition.

Girls program
Why Triple Meg

GIRLS Soccer?

Here, every girl thrives in a fun and joyful environment, developing her soccer skills and forming lasting friendships. Our coaches are supportive mentors, focused on making soccer fun and accessible for all. It's not just about the game; it's about building confidence, teamwork, and unforgettable memories. Join us for a blend of engaging soccer activities and a warm community spirit, where every goal is celebrated and every player is valued.

Our Coaches

Coach Jen

Girls Head Coach 

"In our engaging soccer sessions, experienced female coaches lead the way, creating a supportive and fun environment for girls to develop their soccer skills. With a focus on age-appropriate games and activities, our coaches specialize in enhancing coordination, speed, and agility, all through the lens of soccer. They are not just trainers but mentors, imparting valuable lessons in teamwork, strategic thinking, and sportsmanship, ensuring each girl grows both as a player and an individual."



Our daughter absolutely loved Triple Meg. She played for a number of years, and has since moved on to club competitive soccer. In a questionnaire for her current competitive team, she wrote in response to "most memorable soccer experience?" that "feeling like part of a team with Triple Meg soccer". That is what we appreciated about this program; whether more serious about soccer (our daughter) or just there to run around with some other kids (some of the kids she played with!), they made it work with everyone. Our daughter was one of the more serious soccer players, resulting in a few extra soccer challenges, drills and focus as she got older. All the while making it a super fun, kid friendly atmosphere. She aged out of the program but really didn't want to leave...thanks Triple Meg Soccer! "

Register Now and Be a Part of Our Soccer Community!

Our program goes beyond the field, nurturing positive values and a love for the game. Sign up today and help your child not only become a better player but also a great teammate.

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