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 West Hillhurst: Queen Elizabeth High School  512 18 St NW, Calgary, AB 

Sunnyside: Sunnyside School 211 7 St NW , Calgary, AB 

Seton:  Prince of Peace School 43 Auburn Meadows Bvld SE, Calgary, AB 

Aspen:  Dr. Roberta Bondar School 1580 Strathcona Dr SW, Calgary, AB 

Tuscany:  990 Tuscany Dr NW, Calgary, AB 

Airdrie:  Williamstown - 1860 Reunion Blvd NW, Airdrie, AB  

               Kings Heights - Heloise Lorimer School 6 King's Heights Drive, SE, Airdrie. 

               Hillcrest - Northcott Prairie School 276 Hillcrest Dr SW, Airdrie.

Lethbridge: Indian Battle Hts, G. S. Lakie Middle School, 50 Blackfoot Blvd W, Lethbridge, AB


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